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Beautiful Italy

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7 days 6 nights
from 299.00 € per a person
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Tour Description

7 days 6 nights
Multiday Tours
Sea tour and excursions
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Visited places: Italy , Verona , Venice , Rome , Vatican , Pisa , Florence , Lucca , San Gimignano

Beautiful Italy ... Who did not dream to visit this country, touch her great history? The sea, special air and open-air museums, cities filled with masterpieces of masters.
The company "Kompass" offers you to realize your dreams - to book a tour from Germany to Italy "Beautiful Italy".

For You:

Hotel 3 * on the Ligurian coast of the Mediterranean Sea **
Free excursions for children up to 12 years old
Professional guides
Breakfasts, 4 dinners
Comfortable bus
Author's program
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Tour program route

1st day

Departure in the afternoon (from the region of North Rhine-Westphalia). The exact time of departure will be told you when ordering the tour from Germany to Italy.

2nd day

Romantic Verona

Our way lies through the Southern Tyrol, through the Dolomites to fantastic Verona, on coast of Adige. Marble pavements, magnificent palaces, one of the most ancient in the world arenas, the terrible history of the Old Castle, ringing in the sunrise Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza della Signoria… You will see the only cemetery in the world situated in the downtown - the well-known Scaliger Tombs, the tombs of the most outstanding representatives of a della Scala family.

Well, and how without Juliette? Veronese lovers brought glory and popularity to this city, they attract millions of tourists from around the world. We finish an excursion in Verona visiting the court yard of the house where, on a legend, the young Shakespearean heroine lived. In a court yard the bronze sculpture of Juliette at which it is accepted to be photographed is established, or is it better to sing serenade under the well-known Juliette’s balcony? Or to write love recognition on the walls?

And, of course, free time... We can’t leave this place without souvenirs...

Return to hotel. Accomodation. Dinner. Rest.

3rd day

Florence and San Gimignano

Florence is the beauty, the capital of Tuscany, one of the most beautiful and magnificent cities in the world.

City of churches, monasteries, museums, galleries, palaces and parks. It is full of the frescos, pictures and sculptures created by greatest masters – Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Dante, Boccaccio, Giotto – all of them are Florentines.

The Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, and "my lovely San Giovanni" as great Dante called it – a baptisteries with the well-known " Heaven's Gate "; Piazza della Signoria, The Palazzo Vecchio, Michelangelo’s "David", Neptune Fountain, monument to the Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo I de' Medici and The Loggia dei Lanzi, the ancient Ponte Vecchio.

People, who are interested in it, can visit the Uffizi Gallery or the Florentine Pantheon – Basilica of Santa Croce.

Having said goodbye to the Florentine casket, we will hear fairy tales and legends, to the heart of Tuscany. Ah, how the photos of these cities in glossy magazines concerned our imagination. This reality is unbelievable!

San Gimignano is the city which history is woven from fairy tales and legends, the city of medieval "skyscrapers", that Tuscany which is possible to touch, inhale a warm smell of solar grapes, to touch ancient olive trees, to take a sip of a magnificent Chianti or Vernaccia. It is possible to enjoy a charm of the last centuries here: narrow small streets, picturesque houses and churches.

The fascinating walk waits for you, after it you can taste the well-known Tuscan wines, try dishes of rural cuisine, regale on the best in the world ice cream in small taverns.

The city which fell asleep in the 13th century, the city which 3 million tourists annually vainly try to wake... and we will try to do it with you.

Return to hotel. Dinner. Rest.

4th day

Great Rome and Divine Vatican
Rome - Eternal City, center of the Universe.
The city which gave the world a great civilization – Roman. All roads lead to Rome. And our way also lies there.
The city of the great architects, great emperors and great fathers who decorated this city to leave imperishable and grateful memory about themselves to descendants. The city on which decoration Michelangelo, Raphael, Bramante, Bernini worked...
We begin our conquest of Rome with visiting of the state of Vatican and St. Peter's Cathedral, the main temple of the Catholic world, a symbol of power and richness of Catholic church. You will be strucked by the greatness of this construction. Visiting of the cathedral and its wealth shock everybody and remain in memory forever.
You will see the Castel of St'Angelo, two-thousand-year bridge, scandalous Palace of Justice; Piazza Navona; The Pantheon where the first king of Italy Victor Emmanuel II, the queen Margarita, great Raphael are buried (an entrance to the Pantheon since May is 2€), the Trevi Fountain – a part of Fellini’s "Dolce vita". It is necessary to throw a coin there to return to Rome.
We will visit Piazza Venezia where the Altare della Patria rises, we will go up the Capitoline Hill from where the view of the Roman and the Imperial Fora opens, and, at last, we will approach the most recognizable place of interest – Colosseum.
Return to hotel. Dinner. Long and exciting day comes to the end. The fatigue will pass, impressions will last forever! Our tour is in the heat and there are many interesting things ahead!

5th day

Unusual Tuscany. Pisa and Lucca
Well, who doesn't know the well-known Tower of Pisa? But very few people know that near a tower which won't fall any way (because it is annually supported by millions of tourists) there are also other treasures of Pisa, ancient Roman port, capital of the medieval Pisa republic, and just the richest city.
The Field of Wonders is the center of all the richness of the city. The Pisa Cathedral, Pisa Baptistery, Campo Santo - the Sacred Field or the oldest cemetery of Pisa with the Holy Land and, of course, - the "Falling" Tower. The field as a magnet, attracts millions of tourists. Photopause.
Lucca is the city which was called the city of hundred churches and towers. We will enter it through the old gates of Saint Peter, the only gates through which foreigners could enter. The first ancient capital of Tuscany, the city which became famous in the world as one of the few cities of Italy which saved the medieval walls around the city, the palaces, towers and churches. The city which history was written by women.
Lucca is the city of music, because Paganini created here, Giacomo Puccini and Boccherini were born here.
And our story is about all it.
Return to hotel. Dinner. Rest.

6th day

Surprising Venice
Having had breakfast, we leave the hotel - please, don't forget your things! A part of our way is by ship (the return ticket price is 20€). It is difficult to describe all the charm of this city which stands on the water, the beauty of cathedrals and palaces, color of streets canals with graceful bridges – you surely have to see everything! The city on the water strikes with its bridges and channels, the squares and churches. You will walk through the narrow streets of the city to the well-known Rialto Bridge, and then to the most amazing place of Venice – Piazza San Marco. St. Mark's Basilica, Campanile, the Doge's Palace are located here... During your free time it is possible to have a bite at one of the numerous small restaurants, to glance in cathedral and to sweep, of course, on a gondola. In the evening from the deck of the ship we whisper, with a sinking heart: "Goodbye Venice, goodbye Italy! See you soon!" In the evening - departure to Germany.

7th day

Return to Germany. Arrival time depends on the city of the departure.

Included in tour:

    - a journey by a comfortable tourist bus;
    - accompaniment on the way;
    - 4 nights in a hotel with breakfast.

Additional payment:

    - the obligatory road and parking taxes are 18 €;
    - a boat trip o Venice and back is 20 €, for children up to 10 years old it is 16 € (at will);
    - a tax charge for residents of hotels - 2.50 € for a person at night (4 nights).
    -  headphones - 15 € (for 5 excursion days).
    - Trips with excursions (at will):
    - Rome and the Vatican are 49 €;
    - San Gimignano and Florence are 39 €;
    - Tuscany: Pisa and Lucca are 29 €.

    For children up to 12 years old there is a free excursion!

    The entrance fees to the Italian cities are a gift for you!

Дополнительное описание

ATTENTION: In June, July and August the 4 * hotel in the spa town of Montecatini Terme! There is a pool, a bar, a restaurant in a hotel,

there is a shower, WC, a refrigerator, TV, an air conditioner in the rooms!

Entrance tickets are paid additionally (at will).
Depending on the circumstances, the program can be changed by a tour guide or an accompanying person. The travel agency has the right to adjust. The prices can be changed depending on the season.

Important tour notice

The possibility of the departure on the concrete date, the information on the existence of surcharge for departure and its size you can find in the order form, having chosen service to BOOK a TOUR.

ATTENTION: The basic cost can be changed depending on the date and the city of departure! Please, make a calculation of the basic cost below, having chosen the date at first, and then the city from the list!

The list of possible departure cities and information about the availability of co-payment for departure is found in the block Calculation of the base cost by selecting the date and city of departure you are interested in.

Attention: The base cost can vary depending on the date and city of departure! Please calculate the base cost below by selecting the date first and then the city from the list!
7 days 6 nights
from 299.00 € per a person

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22.09.2018 - 28.09
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3* stars hotel

Двухместный номер с общей кроватью
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Одноместный номер
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Двухместный номер с отдельными кроватями
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Двухместный номер с общей кроватью
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Двухместный номер с отдельными кроватями
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Половина 2-местного номера или доплата за 1-местный 80,- euro
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06.10.2018 - 12.10
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3* stars hotel

Двухместный номер с общей кроватью
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Одноместный номер
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Двухместный номер с отдельными кроватями
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Трехместный номер
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Половина 2-местного номера или доплата за 1-местный 80,- euro
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13.10.2018 - 19.10
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3* stars hotel

Двухместный номер с общей кроватью
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Одноместный номер
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Двухместный номер с отдельными кроватями
from 299.00 €
Трехместный номер
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Половина 2-местного номера или доплата за 1-местный 80,- euro
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20.10.2018 - 26.10
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3* stars hotel

Двухместный номер с общей кроватью
from 299.00 €
Одноместный номер
from 379.00 €
Двухместный номер с отдельными кроватями
from 299.00 €
Трехместный номер
from 299.00 €
Половина 2-местного номера или доплата за 1-местный 80,- euro
from 299.00 €

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