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4 days 3 nights
from 59.00 € per a person
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Tour Description

4 days 3 nights
Multiday Tours
Visited places: Switzerland , Germany , Munich

Among the slow romanticism of Germany, the capital of Bavaria, MUNICH, has the special status, based on the interpenetration of the Austrian, Italian and German cultures into each other. The imperial scope of Munich truly strikes. It is unusual in many aspects: the largest historical and cultural values in Europe, the life rhythms, enviable comfort and the order in everything. For fuller impression about Munich – visiting the Residence of the Bavarian Monarchs with its magnificent and richly decorated halls and treasuries with inconceivable quantity of the precious jewelry, created by skillful masters of the past. The meeting with beauty waits for you. And the castles of the fantastic king Ludwig II: NEUSCHWANSTEIN and NYMPHENBURG are delightful, full of secrets, which glory worried centuries. They will be a real discover for you.

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Tour program route

1st day

Departure is in the evening.

2nd day

We will reach MUNICH in the morning and without wasting time we will begin our excursion around the capital of Bavaria, which will present us minutes of admiration and delight, and it will also make us forget about all business and cares. Among all the others considerable sights of the city – Church of Our Lady, Frauenkirche - the main cathedral, which green bulbous domes tower over the old city since the Middle Ages. The NYMPHENBURG CASTLE is just something! Its main thing is a gallery of beauties, where the portraits of 36 most beautiful women of Stielers work are placed. Having admired the castle, we go to the center. The heart of the city is Marienplatz, where music clocks on the New Town Hall with the figures in human growth play musical performance, there is no distance from there to the former royal palace of the Wittelsbach monarchs of Bavaria. Here travelling to the former luxury waits for us, and the TREASURY of the Palace is quite comparable with Vienna, and perhaps surpasses it (the entrance ticket with an excursion is 16€, for children up to 12 years old it is free). Each exhibit is a masterpiece! Some incredible beauty and infinite halls of the former ruling Bavarian elite throw in shock …
During free time (at will) we will visit the beer hall Hofbräuhaus am Platz, founded in 1589. Beer restaurant is the most favourite guests’ and experts’ place. Capacity of the restaurant is 4000 people ("Only" …) gives the guaranteed chance to taste the real Bavarian beer before departure to hotel. The main thing is not to drink too much.
Departure to hotel. Free time on interests before going to bed …

3rd day

In the morning we have a good breakfast, and we don't forget the things. Having left our hotel, we go along the magnificent Bavarian road to our purpose, admiring the beautiful landscapes of mountains covered with the dense woods, and passing the Lake Constance – the lake of three countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, we enjoy its views, silence and tranquility. In many legends they say that the Lord, having seen the beautiful land of Bavaria, dropped the tear of happiness and affection, which turned into the most idyllic lake in the world.
Time on the way will fly by as a moment, and we will reach the most romantic castle in the world, Neuschwanstein. They say that exactly here Tchaikovsky was inspired on writing of "the Swan Lake". Whether or not, but this castle incorporated all classical lines of the German medieval castles, all spirit of knights and original greatness, all myths and legends of Bavaria (the entrance ticket is 16€, for children up to 12 years old  it is free of charge). Certainly, our brilliant guide will generously share the knowledge with you …
In the evening in thoughts and romantic dreams we will leave this blessed earth.

4th day

In the morning we return home.


Included in tour:

    - journey by a comfortable tourist bus

Additional payment:

    - the obligatory excursion package is 69€ including accompanying on the way, sightseeing tours, one night in a hotel with breakfast;
    - the obligatory road and parking taxes are 19€;
    - entrance tickets to the Palace Residence and the Treasury (the entrance ticket with the excursion is 16€, for children up to 18 years old it is free) and also to the Neuschwanstein Castle (the entrance ticket is 16€, for children up to 18 years old it is free of charge) (at will);
    - earphones (at will) are 3€ for a day

Дополнительное описание

Entrance tickets are paid additionally (at will). Depending on circumstances the guide or the attendant can change the program on the course. The travel agency has the right for adjustment. The prices can be changed depending on a season.

During the exhibitions or mass actions accommodation outside Munich is possible.

You will find the list of the cities of departure, the information on the existence of surcharge and its size in the Calculation of Basic Cost block, having chosen the date and the city of departure you are interested in.

Attention! Surcharge from the following cities changes depending on day of the week:

Berlin, Magdeburg: + €55 on Fridays / € +115 on the other days of the week;

Braunschweig: + €55 on Fridays / € +75 – on the other days of the week;

Bremen: + €45 on Fridays / € +75 – on the other days of the week;

Hanover: + €35 on Fridays / € +75 – on the other days of the week.

Important tour notice

The possibility of the departure on the concrete date, the information on the existence of surcharge for departure and its size you can find in the order form, having chosen service to BOOK a TOUR.

ATTENTION: The basic cost can be changed depending on the date and the city of departure! Please, make a calculation of the basic cost below, having chosen the date at first, and then the city from the list!

The list of possible departure cities and information about the availability of co-payment for departure is found in the block Calculation of the base cost by selecting the date and city of departure you are interested in.

Attention: The base cost can vary depending on the date and city of departure! Please calculate the base cost below by selecting the date first and then the city from the list!
4 days 3 nights
from 59.00 € per a person

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Dates and prices list

Date of the tour
25.12.2018 - 28.12
from 59.00 €
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Отель 3/4*

Double room
from 59.00 €
Twin bed room
from 59.00 €
Single room
from 94.00 €
Triple room
from 59.00 €
Половина 2-местного номера или доплата за 1-местный 35,- euro
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03.01.2019 - 06.01
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Отель 3/4*

Double room
from 59.00 €
Twin bed room
from 59.00 €
Single room
from 94.00 €
Triple room
from 59.00 €
Половина 2-местного номера или доплата за 1-местный 35,- euro
from 59.00 €

Departure places list

Current address

All bus departure points

  • Aachen
    Адрес выезда: Aachen, Europaplatz
  • Berlin
    Адрес выезда: Berlin (ZOB), Messedamm 8, 14057 Berlin
  • Bielefeld
    Адрес выезда: Bahnhofsplatz, 33602 Bielefeld
  • Bonn
    Адрес выезда: Reisebushaltestelle, Thomastraße 36, 53111 Bonn
  • Braunschweig
    Адрес выезда: Bushaltestelle Braunschweig Hbf (Berliner Platz)
  • Bremen
    Адрес выезда: Bremen Hbf (Breitenweg 13, 28195 Bremen)
  • Cologne
    Адрес выезда: Köln Hauptbahnhof, Goldgasse, 50668 Köln
  • Dortmund
    Адрес выезда: Dortmund ZOB (Steinstrasse 54, 44147 Dortmund)
  • Dusseldorf
    Адрес выезда: Reisebushaltestelle (Worringer Str. 140, 40210 Düsseldorf)
  • Essen
    Адрес выезда: Essen Hbf, Südseite, Freiheit, 45127 Essen
  • Frankfurt am Main
    Адрес выезда: Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof Südseite, Mannheimer Str. 6, 60329 Frankfurt am Main
  • Hamburg
    Адрес выезда: Hamburg ZOB (Adenauerallee 78, 20097 Hamburg)
  • Hannover
    Адрес выезда: Hannover ZOB (Rundestraße 12, 30161 Hannover)
  • Heilbronn
    Адрес выезда: Heilbronn Hauptbahnhof, Bahnhofstraße 36, 74072 Heilbronn
  • Karlsruhe
    Адрес выезда: Karlsruhe Hbf (Hinterm Hauptbahnhof, 76137 Karlsruhe)
  • Kassel
    Адрес выезда: Kassel Bf Wilhelmshöhe (Wilhelmshöher Allee 241, 34121 Kassel)
  • Coblenz
    Адрес выезда: Koblenz Hauptbahnhof, Reisebushaltestelle (Neversstraße, 56068 Coblenz)
  • Limburg
    Адрес выезда: Limburg ICE-Bahnhof, Kopenhagener Str., 65552 Limburg an der Lahn
  • Magdeburg
    Адрес выезда: Magdeburg ZOB (Damaschkeplatz, 39104 Magdeburg)
  • Mannheim
    Адрес выезда: Mannheim ZOB (Heinrich-von-Stephan-Straße, 68161 Mannheim)
  • Mönchengladbach
    Адрес выезда: Mönchengladbach Hauptbahnhof, Reisebushaltestelle (Hindenburgstraße 224, 41061 Mönchengladbach)
  • Muenster
    Адрес выезда: Münster Hbf (Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 1, 48153 Münster)
  • Nuernberg
    Адрес выезда: Nürnberg ZOB (Willy-Brandt-Platz), Bahnhofsstraße, 90402 Nürnberg
  • Osnabrueck
    Адрес выезда: Osnabrück Hbf (Eisenbahnstraße 10, 49074 Osnabrück)
  • Paderborn
    Адрес выезда: Paderborn ZOB am Hbf (Bahnhofstraße 29, 33102 Paderborn)
  • Siegen
    Адрес выезда: Siegen ZOB (Berliner Str., 57072 Siegen)
  • Stuttgart
    Адрес выезда: Stuttgart Airport SAB, Flughafenstraße, 70629 Stuttgart
  • Ulm
    Адрес выезда: Ulm Fern-Busbahnhof, Eberhard-Finckh-Straße 34, 89075 Ulm

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